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Frank-Zappa-Strasse Berlin, ORWOhaus

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Hinweis: der folgende Beitrag ist eigentlich für eine englischsprachige Webseite entstanden, daher die Sprache und die Übersetzung des deutschen Video-Texts ins Englische. Es geht um die Frank Zappa Strasse in Berlin.

frank zappa street

(Frank Zappa Street / Strasse, uploaded to flickr from vhauri)
Since 28th July an unnamed street in Berlin has not been unnamed any more. „street no. 13“ became „Frank-Zappa-Strasse“ („strasse“ means „street“). No other street in Berlin is named after a rock musician.
Berlin’s ORWOhaus, which is the biggest centre providing practice rooms for young bands in Europe, initiated the naming and celebrated the inauguration with a festival of 18 bands.

The following video provides some impressions about the ORWOhaus.

Here comes a video showing the celebration on 28th:

—- here comes the text from the video —-
It is public and official (German: oeffentlich und offiziell) … I’m holding the micro in a stupid way…
I think we will do a countdown from 10 to 1. You have seen the street signs, we have a street sign as well.
We will inaugurate it, ok we count down

The ladder will come and we will inaugurate the street, the fireworks will keep being there …
everything unsalaried, everything improvised
—- that was the text from the video —-

You see that the speech was not so very important. The fun was the main thing.

In Germany, the main street map information comes from two vendors, one of which included the name already into the map information, while the other one seems to need some time. Tele Atlas is (as of now – 7th Jan 2008) showing the old name „street 13“. Which by the way is also impressive…

Map from Google/Tele Atlas:

Größere Kartenansicht

Map from Map24/Navteq: klick on the little arrow to open a new page showing the street

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