Microsoft Pro Photo-Tools / country settings (english article)

Montag, 19. Mai 2008 | Autor:

I recently described Microsoft Pro Photo-Tools, in German language.
I just want to make one addition concerning country specifics. I encountered a problem when reading GPX or KML files. I read about „Microsoft not using country setting“ in Pro-Photo Tools.
The opposite is the truth: they seem to take the country settings into account. But in Germany for example, where our standard number format ist 12.456.789,00 we still use 51.23424 as longitude and not 51,23424.
The workaround is the same: switch to english settings. But the solution for the development is a different one. Add an additional setting in Pro-Photo Tools – a switch with three options: 1. use country settings, 2. use decimal point, 3. use comma for coordinates.

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